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The Ohio Amateur Quarter Horse Association is a division of the Ohio Quarter Horse Association that concentrates on the interests of adult horse enthusiasts who do not train or show horses professionally. Whether you are a less experienced Novice Amateur, a veteran Amateur or a Select Amateur, OAQHA welcomes your interest and involvement. Our mission is to promote the American Quarter Horse, to improve and develop the capabilities of the amateur, both individually and through group participation, in the breeding, raising and exhibiting of the breed. Throughout the year, we have several events to accomplish these goals, including hosting an annual horse show, participating in several service projects and awarding scholarships.

The Little Buckeye

The  Little  Buckeye  is  our  annual  horse  show.

The  2020 Little  Buckeye  will  be  held  July  10th,  11th  and  12th  at  Champions  Center  in  Springfield  Ohio.  We  are  excited  about  the  number  of  great  camping  spots, parking,  and  nice  stalls  available.  We  have opted  to  put  temporary  stalls  in  the  big  white  barns  in  lieu  of  the  outside  barns.  

Thanks  to  Wenger  Leather  Works,  we  will  be  raffling  a saddle  this  year.  Also,  the  Amateur  Level  1 All-Around  Champion  will  win  a  Wenger  saddle  as  well.

We  will  be  looking  for  sponsors  and  vendors. Let  us  know  if  you  are  interested!

Special Events

Raffle  tickets  for  a Wenger  Saddle  will  be  available  during the  Pancake  Breakfast  and  from  your  OAQHA  Directors.  


No upcoming events.

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